Relevant meetings and conferences

Regular collaboration telecons

    The leads of the respective sub-groups hold a telecon every first/third Wednesdays 11AM and second/third Mondays 4PM of the month.
  • Monday: 513708221
  • Wednesday: 850498668

    More details and connection instructions at this link

Want a reminder of our regular telecons? Follow this link to import the Google calendar:

Meetings & Conferences

  • LSST-Europe 3 Lyon France 11-15 June 2018
    Members going: Federica B.
  • European Week of Astronomy 2018 Liverpool, United Kingdom from 3 to 6 April 2018 - will include a SN splinter session
    Members going: Federica B.
  • 231st AAS Washington, DC
    8–12 January 2018. LSST TownHall on 01/10 7PM
    Members going: Federica B. Rachel S. Gautham N. Paula S. Maria D. Josh P. Michael L. Iair A.

Past Meetings